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Magic & Magic with Herbal Blend

The wonderful thing about magic is that you can take it to go on spiritual journey, it is great for anxiety, PTSD and more. 

Our Magic Products

Please use all products responsibly, below you will learn more about our Magic, and Magic Herbal Blend Products.

Mad Hatter Bars

Our Mad Hatter bars are a great way to micro-dose. Our Mad Hatter come in 5 flavors with 24 squares packed with 150mg of magic and 15mg of herbal infusion in each and every square for a total of 3.5g of magic and 350mg of herbal infusion. Great to start with 2 squares wait for 30-40 mins before taking more. 


Our tinctures are a great way to digest magic. 6 teaspoons in each bottle with 3.5g of magic in every bottle. It is always a great idea to start low and slow. Recommended dosing for all tincture is 1/2 teaspoon. Either place it under your tongue or just drop it in a drink and enjoy.

Magic Herbal Gummies

Our Magic Herbal Gummies have an herbal infusion of 350mg with a magic infusion of 3.5g. With gummies it is ideal to start low and slow as there is about 30-40 gummies in each pack. Each gummy has 100mg of magic and 10mg of herbal infusion. For newbies or micro dosing start by taking 1-2 gummies wait 30-40 mins before taking more.

Magic Truffles

Our Magical Truffles are a great infusion of 4g of Magic and 400mg Herbal Infusion with your choice of 3 flavors. Comes in Chocolate, Strawberry n Cream, and Cookies n Cream. You get 4 large Truffles in each box, each truffle has 1g of magic and 100mg of herbal infusion. Best to start with 1/4 of a Truffle wait 30-40 mins before indulging in another piece. 


Canni Cakes warns all customer to please do not take these products and drive or use heavy machinery. Our products are for medical purposes and misuse of product may result in vision impairment. Please use responsibly, Canni Cakes is not responsible for the misuse of our products.

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